The Nalarnian Realm

The Newbies: Episode 1
A missing Priest and Paladin

The Nalarnian Church priest Desmond Black and his Paladin protector Grey Mat-tor have gone missing. They were assigned to The Misty Forest under Lord Marcon Ravenclaw and tasked with investigating the strange occurrences of the kingdom. It had been around a week and a half since Father Rimaro, head of the Nalarnian Church and the Imperial Investigation Bureau had heard from Desmond.
After discussing it with King Bartholomew, Rimaro decided to send the newest recruits of the I.I.B, Mr. Puffs, Ivy Quartz, and Hermione to Ravenclaw Manor to find out what was happening with Desmond & Grey. The party made their way through The Misty Forest, a Kingdom constantly covered in a layer of mist and mystery. This was their first mission together and they decided to get to know each a little better.
As they traveled they felt as if they were being watched, as if there was someone out there following them but the party couldn’t see or find anyone. The group ran into a man on the road, he greeted them then kindly asked for their goods. Of course they were ambushed as the man’s cohorts came out of the trees around the group with their bows. The party sprung into action and handily thwarted the bandits plans.
Shortly after the group decided to make camp and take turns sleeping. During Ivy’s shift she noticed a shadowy figure over Hermione, she went for it and it disappeared. She woke up Hermione who felt drained of life, they looked around and tried to find the figure but couldn’t find anything. They decided it was time to pack up and move on cautiously.
The group went on until they reached the small village of Odlaren at which time they decided to rest up at the Inn.


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