The Nalarnian Realm

The Newbies: Episode 3
They're Not Werewolfin' Around

Vee woke up, she was strapped and shackled to a table. As she looked around she noticed one of the guards who greeted them when they entered the village earlier in the day. Not soon after Nobleman Vladis entered the room, they talked some and he informed Vee they were going to do experiments on her. She tried to break free but just wasn’t strong enough. Vladis left her for awhile but promised to be back soon.
Mr. Puffs and Hermione entered the secret passage to find an underground dungeon where it looked as if experiments were being done on people. They ran into some guards and were able to dispatch them. As they searched for Vee they came across others being held there. As they investigated they found that the prisoners were actually zombies!
There was another guard they didn’t know about who released a lever that open all the cell doors. Almost surrounded, the duo fought for their lives. As the battle raged, the guard with Vee heard the commotion and decided to find out what was going on. Vee took her chance after the guard left and was able to get free from her restrains. Hermione and Mr. Puffs battled their way through the zombies and managed to kill the remaining guards as well reuniting with Vee in the process!
The trio searched the dungeon for Vee’s belongings finding them in a room with a spiral staircase leading up. As they were figuring out if they wanted to check it out, Jim Bob the guard came down the stairs. The party immediately attacked him and were able to handle Jim Bob quit easily. The party moved up the stairs and found they were in somebody’s home and as they looked around it was Nobleman Vladis! They came face to face with the nobleman and a pair of guards who promptly turned to werewolves!
They battled it out until all that was left was Vladis who turned as well. It was a tough battle but the party was able to put an end to Vladis’ reign of terror. The group looked around and found a few things and decided to get out of there and head to Ravenclaw Manor.

The Newbies: Episode 2
A Not so Warm Welcome

After much needed rest in Odlaren, Mr. Puffs, Vee, and Hermione decided to get some food and ask around about Desmond and Grey but to their surprise no one they encountered knew of the Priest and Paladin. While moving through the small village they noticed the people were not the friendliest or very approachable at that. They stumbled upon a billboard in the town square full of missing people, many were assumed dead, fallen into The Hunger River.
The group decided it was time to move on in their search and made their way to the village of Kitz Way. As they entered the village they were greeted by three militia men lead by a man named Jim Bob. They told the party they had to pay a fee to be let into the village which the party ended up paying. Once in they started asking around about Desmond and Grey but again no one knew the duo.
They hit the tavern named Everything’s Everything which basically had anything they needed supply wise. It was also the local Inn so the party decided to get rooms for the night. While in the tavern they were greeted by the village Nobleman Vladis Locke who knew that they were part of the I.I.B and that Desmond and Grey were missing. He offered to help in anyway he could inviting the party to his manor.
They talked for awhile but decided to stay at the Inn, Vladis wished them a farewell and went on his way. The party asked around town some about Desmond and Grey before calling it a night. Once they went to bed the party was attacked in their sleep. Hermione was able to fight off her intruder and managed to kill him, it was one of the village guard. As she went to check on her companions she found Mr. Puffs being taken from his room.
Hermione was able to attack the intruder by surprise knocking him off the second story walkway to the room below killing him. Hermione was able to help Mr. Puffs but they discovered Vee had been taken already. The duo managed to find tracks leading into the forest where they found a secret entrance hiding in the side of some hills. They entered in hopes of finding their missing companion.

The Newbies: Episode 1
A missing Priest and Paladin

The Nalarnian Church priest Desmond Black and his Paladin protector Grey Mat-tor have gone missing. They were assigned to The Misty Forest under Lord Marcon Ravenclaw and tasked with investigating the strange occurrences of the kingdom. It had been around a week and a half since Father Rimaro, head of the Nalarnian Church and the Imperial Investigation Bureau had heard from Desmond.
After discussing it with King Bartholomew, Rimaro decided to send the newest recruits of the I.I.B, Mr. Puffs, Ivy Quartz, and Hermione to Ravenclaw Manor to find out what was happening with Desmond & Grey. The party made their way through The Misty Forest, a Kingdom constantly covered in a layer of mist and mystery. This was their first mission together and they decided to get to know each a little better.
As they traveled they felt as if they were being watched, as if there was someone out there following them but the party couldn’t see or find anyone. The group ran into a man on the road, he greeted them then kindly asked for their goods. Of course they were ambushed as the man’s cohorts came out of the trees around the group with their bows. The party sprung into action and handily thwarted the bandits plans.
Shortly after the group decided to make camp and take turns sleeping. During Ivy’s shift she noticed a shadowy figure over Hermione, she went for it and it disappeared. She woke up Hermione who felt drained of life, they looked around and tried to find the figure but couldn’t find anything. They decided it was time to pack up and move on cautiously.
The group went on until they reached the small village of Odlaren at which time they decided to rest up at the Inn.


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