Welcome Travelers

Come in and pull up a chair. Fancy an ale? Maybe a warm meal? Let me introduce myself, my name is Bof the Bard and you have entered The Nalarnian Realm. What’s so special about the realm you say? Well quite frankly the people who inhabit the lands and the situations they constantly seem to put themselves in. Very entertaining to say the least. Hell, It’s kept me around long enough to tell its tales but we all know someone has to be able to recall the stories of those brave enough to make them!

The realm has seen its fair share of the good and the bad, war and peace, magic and wondrous technologies, and last but not least the influence of religion and the deities tied to them. What I’m presenting to you if you’re willing to lend me your ears are those tales that have made the realm what it is today. The stories that have been molded by the adventurers that roam these lands, the lords that rule them, and the tyrants that want to take them.

For the sake of time I will give you a quick rundown of Nalarnia. The Realm which is under the rule of one man, the Emperor, is broken into different Kingdoms. Each Kingdom is ruled by a Lord with each settlement throughout the land run by a counsel or Nobleman or woman. There are eleven Kingdoms in our busy little Realm all bustling with excitement and adventure.

Now what makes Nalarnia special is the creation of magical technology which you can learn more about in my journal entries below. Magic wasn’t always a big deal in the Realm but due to events of the past it is now mostly prohibited outside of the Capital, The Nalarnian Church and it priests and priestess. There is still magically tech that helps the land such as trains, airships, and sea vessels.

There are also Automatons, magically made beings, and even some magically made weapons. Speaking of Church, The Nalarnian Church is the main religion of the Realm. But let me stop there, if you would like you can learn more about all this as you delve deeper into the info provided to you here in these pages. So I hope I’ve been able to grab your attention, if so have fun and learn all you can about The Nalarnian Realm, maybe your story will be the next I write about!

Bof's Tales: Entries I-V

Bof's Tales: Entries VI-X

The Nalarnian Realm

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