Ivy "Vee" Quartz

Member of the Imperial Investigation Bureau


Living in the Shahan Desert was a hard life but living in Iron Spike was even harder. At a young age Ivy was on her own. Her parents were degenerates who could care less about her let alone what she did. Ivy picked up pickpocketing early on and found she had a knack for thievery. In the streets of The Spike Ivy met a young boy who went by the name Lil Reaper who just so happened to be a pickpocket as well.

Soon the two were scamming people together and became almost inseparable. As Ivy and Reaper grew up they fell in love and became more daring, robbing people’s homes and passing caravans. One day Ivy picked up a job to rob a Noble’s home that seemed to good to be true, she couldn’t pass it up. Reaper and Ivy broke into the home with ease and while they were looting didn’t realise the city guard had surrounded the building.

It was a set up. As guards rushed into the home Reaper and Ivy fought for their lives but were soon overwhelmed. There was no way out but Reaper wouldn’t give up. Ivy was captured and yelled for Reaper to surrender but he didn’t listen. The guard slayed Reaper right in front of Ivy. She was devastated. The guard threw Ivy in the dungeons where she stayed for quite some time to wallow in what had happened.

Eventually she was thrown into a prisoner’s caravan and sent to Emperor’s Landing where she was going to work as a servant for some high lord. As luck would have it the Emperor came across the caravan as it entered the capital. Ivy realised who it was and pleaded for a second chance to the King. He had Ivy brought to his court where he decided to give her that chance. He needed someone with her set of skills for his Imperial Investigation Bureau.

He believed Ivy wasn’t a bad person, she just grew up in a bad place. If she could prove herself in the Bureau he would let her free. Haunted by the death of her love, she vowed to change and try to become a better person. She accepted the Emperor’s challenge.

Ivy "Vee" Quartz

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