"Mr. Puffs" Pangarsaldo the Second

Member of the Imperial Investigation Bureau


My name is Pangarsaldo the Second, named after my father. I am an only child that was raised by a poor family and community in Aspenbrook . I never knew my mother, my father said she died at child birth. My people at a young age trained me in the art of battle and in time as I grew so did my skills and abilities. I got so good my people could not compete with me and when so, they made me their leader.

Some time ago, soldiers from Emperor’s Isle, where I currently serve, killed all of my people while i was out hunting. When I got back to our village the only one still defending was my father. The arts that I had trained for in the entirety of my life took action but even still my blade was not quick enough to save my father. All died by my blood thirsty rage. By seeing the lifeless bodies I swore revenge.

I started by finding a man by the name of Marcus, an old friend of my fathers that he had told me about. Marcus was skilled in the ability of fighting but most importantly grafting. I set on a path to have him transform my body and abilities so I could seek my revenge without recognition. My name from that day forth would be Mr. Puffs……..I have an insatiable marshmallow craving.

I soon headed to the capital and joined the Emperor’s Imperial Investigation Bureau. If you hadn’t figured out why I joined, well, when the Emperor’s eventual death occurs it might seem a little less unlikely that I, Pangarsaldo aka Mr. Puffs would be the one that killed him, considering that I’m part of the Investigation group that would probably be investigating the death of the Emperor. Stay tuned to see what unfolds.

"Mr. Puffs" Pangarsaldo the Second

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