Kingdoms and Regions of the Nalarnian Realm

Kingdoms of Nalarnia
Here is where you will find information about the different Kingdoms of Nalarnia.

Crysania Island
To the South-East of the Realm, home to some of the most wealthiest people in Nalarnia. It also has the only volcano in the Realm which is inactive.

Emperors Isle
On the East Coast of the Realm also known as Emperors Way, a mountainous Island where the capital and royal family of the Realm reside.

Ferovale Kingdom
The South-West region is best known for its ways in sea navigation and shipbuilding. They’re a rough and sturdy people with a vast knowledge of naval warfare.

Hyren Kingdom
The North-Western kingdom of the Realm, a rough and rugged region that is as noble as it is fierce.

Misty Forest
The North-East region of the Realm, a mysterious smaller kingdom which is constantly covered in a blanket of fog and is believed by many to be cursed.

Raphos Kingdom
To the South is the small and mostly quiet kingdom tucked away at the bottom of the Nalarnian Spine. They’re known as fierce warriors who will defend their lands at any costs.

Shahan Desert
Located to the South-East of the continent which is the Realms biggest region of slave trading. The desert and its unforgiving conditions is home to many raiders, thieves, degenerates, gamblers, and greedy traders.

The Wetlands
To the West of the Nalarnian Realm covered in marsh and swamp, only a special breed of people call it their home. It is known to have some of the best hunters and trappers in the Realm.

Regions of Nalarnia
Here you can find information about the different regions in the Realm.

Goblin Valley
In the Southern part of the Nalarnian Spine is the home to the Realms largest population of goblins. They are in constant battle with the Kingdom of Raphos and the Elves of the Red Bark Forest.

The Grasslands
The Eastern most Isle of the Realm rich in animals for the hunt. While some settlements reside here, it is the Barbarian hordes that rule the vast fields of the region.

Nalarnian Spine
The mountain range which runs from the North all the way down to the South coast of the Realm spliting Nalarnia almost in half.

Red Bark Forest
The Forest is located in the South-Eastern region of the Realm. It is home to an unknown amount of Elvish settlements. The Elves are very territorial and do not take kindly to those who wander off the main roads.

Thornshire Ilse
Off of the North-East coast is the Isle that was home to a once great kingdom turned wasteland thanks to the great civil war and a necromancer. Though some settlements remain, it is believed the Isle is cursed.

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